About Alain Senez

In free figuration, as in abstraction, the viewer must remain indifferent to the content, and the picture must appear as phenomenality.

Born in Paris in 1948, the artist Alain Senez was trained in the classical French style at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence and then in Paris, winning numerous prizes  including the Grand Prix Rocheron for landscape painting, and the Fortin d’Ivry prize awarded by the city of Paris. As a competitor in the Prix de Rome, he was admitted as second “logiste”.

After military service in Africa he returned to Provence for a spell of teaching moving north to Belgium in 1976. There he began a systematic study of the techniques of the Flemish masters. This fundamental research, which spanned several years, led him to examine the foundations of western figurative art. Apart from periods spent in Tuscany and Scotland he worked for 35 years perfecting his technique in various studios in Belgium. In 2012 he moved his studio back to France and is now working in the Languedoc Roussillon.

"Painting means imagining a world which no longer has anything to do with the parts which go to make it up. It is a kind of alternative version of the real world."