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World Periodical Press News Septembre 1998

Available for the first time, Limited Edition Giclees Of the Original oils on canvas of Alain Senez.
Now the United States can share and enjoy what Europe’s Private Collectors and Galleries have coveted for the past Twenty Five Years. The talent of French born Alain Senez. A collection of 12 subjects will be available in Limited Editions of 96 signed, numbered and Hand Enhanced Giclees plus Artists proofs. They will be printed on Somerset Velvet substrates of 34’x46’. For his introduction into the United States, the Artist has created a very exhilarating new oil painting titled the Birth of Venus. It is 59’Hx71’W. This too will be available as an enhanced Giclee.

Limited Edition Giclees Of Original Oils
The painter Alain Senez
Alain Senez was born on 13 May 1948 in Paris, France. When the family moved to Provence, he was accepted at the art school in Aix at the exceptionally young age of 14 on the strength of an outstanding talent. In 1965 he won the Granet prize for sculpture. In 1966 he moved back up to Paris to study at the national school of fine arts (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts). He won numerous prizes for monumental painting, monumental sculpture, architecture and perspective. At the age of 19, he was also appointed assistant for perspective drawing in the school of architecture. In 1968 he won the Grand Prix Rocheron for landscape painting, as well as the Fortin d’Ivry prize awarded by the city of Paris. While still pursuing his studies he took part in the competitions organized by the Institute of France. He reached the highest level of recognition for a young European artist when, as a competitor in the Prix de Rome for painting, he was admitted as second logiste. Shortly afterwards he obtained his diploma from the school of fine arts with distinction. 
His creative activities were interrupted by military service, which he spent in Africa. On his return, after a spell of teaching in the south of France, he moved north again to Paris in 1974, and thereafter to Belgium, where he immersed himself in a study of the techniques of the Flemish masters. This basic research, which spanned several years, brought him to examine the very foundations of Western figurative art. He set himself the task of acquiring an intimate knowledge of both the composition and techniques of the great painters of the past, from Titian to Renoir, via Delacroix to Turner. All the paintings produced during this period analysed specific aspects of these various techniques.
His overriding artistic concern is the exploration of technique, and the effect of light in particular.

His works form part of numerous private collections, both in Europe and the United States and South America. Sandy Leitman

Hand enhanced Giclees

The giclee print is produced on precise printing equipment operated by a group of highly trained craftsmen. The technology is a blend of science and the arts. The print itself is a superior edition because unlike other methods of reproduction no film, screens or plates are used. Instead, the ink is finely sprayed onto the paper- more than four million droplets per second. The effect is similar to an air brush technique, but the giclee process droplets are over 35 times finer.
Each piece of paper or canvas is carefully hand mounted on to a drum which rotates during printing. Exact calculations of hue, value and density are entered digitally through front end processors, which allow for over 6 million color possibilities.
It is a true combination of electronic imaging and fine art printmaking. While the process has a digital aspect, the skill of the craftsman defining and proofing color is of utmost importance in producing an edition. It is a painstaking step by step process. It is this personal involvement where traditional standards and expectations are met.
The final approval and refinement of the edition is by direction of the artist. Every edition has its own unique custom color settings. Giclee prints capture every nuance of an original painting- be it a watercolour, oil, or acrylic.
One of the reasons the giclee is so widely accepted is the strong, powerful translation of the original with the unsurpassed depth of color. Collectors desire and deserve high quality art work and the giclee print fulfils this need.
Giclee prints have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world, including; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Los Angeles County Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, National Gallery of Women in the Arts, Laguna Art Museum, N.Y. Public Library Print Collection, Maritime Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Zaporzyphe Museum and the Peterson Museum. The prints have also received acceptance in major art shows, such as the Art Expo in Los Angeles, and in New York.

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naissance de venus painting by Alain Senez